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DIGI DELIOUS POS, the latest innovative, compact, scalable and fully integrated POS solution. DELIOUS POS solution consists of all in one order terminals (Delious PICO and WIZ), handy ordering terminal, kitchen display system, electronic shelf labels (ESL InfoTag) and advanced cloud back-office (DIGI management console). DELIOUS POS system suits to any F&B restaurants (dine in / quick serve) and specialty stores, no matter it is single store or store chains.


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  • Flexible adjustable display
  • Sleek design
  • Attractive and intuitive user interface  
  • Built-in receipt printer
  • Mechanical keyboard
  • Small footprint
  • POP Signage Holder
  • Interactive customer display
  • Kitchen Display and Printer
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Advanced cloud back office
  • Electronic Shelf Label Function
  • Full features POS software

flexible delious pico

Small Footprint & Flexible Operator Display

Sleek and compact design enables flexibility and space saving at the counter. The responsive operator touch screen can be adjusted to suit users of different height.


delious pico costumer display

Interactive Customer Display

Instantaneous display of ordered items or promotions, improves communications and boosts sales. Screen can also be adjusted in various angles to accommodate customer's view


pop hanger

POP Signage Holder

Easily put on eye catching printed advertisement and improving communication & customer service for sales boosting.


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Built-in Receipt Printer and Mechanical Keypad

High performance receipt printer designed for high speed printing with simple front paper loading mechanism. Mechanical keypad designed for durability and eases order entries.


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Intuitive User Interface

User interface can be easily configured and supports multiple languages to cater different business preferences. The straightforward and responsive screen speeds up orders process. Dine system supports table management that allows effective table planning.


Speed ID

Speed ID

Provides hassle free user logn and prevents unauthorised system access. The built-in operational log ensures accountability and transparency.


Operating System   Linux 
Printer   High speed thermal printer with auto cutter
Printer Size  72mm
Paper Type  80mm paper width, 80mm max. roll diameter
Display  12.1" VGA TFT with resistive touch screen and customer 7" WVGA display
I/O Ports   4x USB 2.0 (5V/1A max)
 1x Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
 1x RS232C
 1x Cash drawer port
Dimension  W: 295mm x D: 315mm x H: 461mm
Weight  6.2kg


Delious WIZ SLANT 191017


  • Compact Design
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Built-in printer
  • 7" Operator Touch Screen Display  
  • 7" LCD Customer Display
  • Currency Authenticator
  • Programmable Touch Keypad
  • Kitchen DIsplay and Printer
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Advanced cloud back office
  • Electronic Shelf Label Function
  • Full features POS software


delious WIZ back 2

Compact and Integrated Design

Small footprint allows space saving at the counter


delious wiz operator display big

Intuitive User Interface

Easily configure user interface and straightforward design layout is ideal for quick serve operation. Mutiple languages support suits every business preferences.


delious wiz costumer display

Interactive Customer Display

Customers' order will be reflected on the high contrast display, enhancing effective communications between customers.



Built-in Receipt Printer

The built-in printer is designed for high-speed printing and easy paper roll replacement.


Touch Keypad

Programmable Touch Response Keypad

Programmable quick access keys able to speed up ordering process. Responsive touch keypad makes ordering easier and quicker.


currency authenticator

Built-In Currency Authenticator

Protect business profit by accurately identifying counterfeit notes with built-in UV light feature


Operating System  Linux
Printer  High speed thermal printer with auto cutter
Printer Size  72mm
Paper Type  80mm paper width, 80mm max. roll diameter
Display  7" WVGA TFT with resistive touch screen and customer 7" WVGA display
I/O Ports  4x USB 2.0 (5V/1A max)
 1x Ethernet 10/100 Base-T
 1x RS232C
 1x Cash drawer port
Dimension  W: 326mm x D: 301mm x H: 127mm
Weight 2.3kg


kds 4


Kitchen Display System


DIGI's Touch Screen Kitchen Display System (KDS) displays kitchen tickets electronically, its prevents lost order due to misplaced of kitchen tickets and reduces printing consumables expense. Food preparation and delivery speed can be easily controlled with the dynamic countdown counter and colour coding. 



kitchen printer





DIGI TVP-1500V2 is high end and durable kitchen printer with fully stainless steel housing. Easy paper loading and its compact design suits to any wet kitchen environment. Compatible to any Delious POS order terminals.



Display MD 121 2




DIGI MD-121 is not only a queue display, it also comes with advertisement system which is helping business to generate additional revenue, Therefore, MD-121 is a simple yet powerful method of managing customer queue at the same time catching customer attention through running advertisement. MD-121 can be intergrated perfectly with all Delious POS order terminals.




DIGI's Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) ensures that price amendments are prompt and accurate. This tri-colour high contrast ESL not only useful on price tag amendment, it also provides better customers interactions by displaying on time product information, promotions and etc. This innovative technology effectively reduce human errors and manpower. With DIGI's cloud technology, the ESL functionity become greater as remotely manage ESL become possible.



High Definition ePaper Displays

The ePaper display provides high contrast and low reflection to ensure high screen readbility for greater communication possibilities with your customers


Effective Interactive Tool with Customers

The customizability allows interaction opportunities. Promotions, percentage discounts and product information can be accessed through barcodes, QR codes via a smart phone to complement the marketing campaign


Extra Page for Merchandising Information

Useful information such as inventory, sales, next deliverycan be turned on the additional page



Cloud Back Office (DMC)

DIGI Management Console (DMC) is a cloud-based system provides centralize management of sales, inventory and attendance. Data is accessible anytime and anywhere.


delious cloud 4

Multiple Outlets Management

Consolidate and access multiple outlets sale reports for analysis through a clean and effotless Cloud Back office solution. 


Remote Access

Enhanced flexibility and mobility for data management. Work at your convenience with Cloud system via internet access


 Minimal Initial Investment

Eliminating investment in server and IT resources while providing scalability for business growth



Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)


Q: Why business owner should invest in POS system?
A: It is important for business owner to aware how POS system can help your business gain better results. POS is a comprehensive solution able to consolidate a number of important tasks under one roof. This means all important tasks in a business (e.g, check out process, inventory tracking, employee management, kitchen operation, ringing up sales, promotions, analysing sales patterns and etc) can be well managed by investing a suitable POS system. In result of this, business able to reduces unnecessary delays in process, improves product inventory availability, maximises employee efficiency, easy access to important sales data for analysing, manage more promotions easily and effectively. All the benefits from POS drive business to the ultimate result, which is maximise profits. Therefore, POS system is definitely a worthy investment of a business
Q: Why business owner should choose DELIOUS POS?
A: Choosing a best POS for your business can be tedious but DELIOUS POS is definitely one of the best choice. DELIOUS POS is a bunch of high technology hardwares come with pre-loaded user friendly softwares. Both its advanced hardwares and softwares are invented and manufactured by only one Japanese company to ensure softwares and hardwares integration is perfect. Most of POS vendors are software driven, they developed and keep updating only their software and simply install in third party hardwares such as PC, tablets and POS devices (some even install in old or used hardwares), in result of keep updating software features without considering hardware integration, we can hear a lot of complaints from business user on their POS system which is laggy, get stuck, virus infected, problems on hardwares integration and so on. Prevention is better than cure, just choose DELIOUS POS as those problems hardly occurred on it. Expandability is another reason of choosing DELIOUS POS. DELIOUS POS can be basic and cost effective standalone POS solution, or expand to advanced cloud POS solutions for store chains. In addition of electronic shelf labels, kitchen display system, handy ordering terminals and queue management system, DELIOUS POS is ready and easily perform on different kind of business operations.
Q: DELIOUS POS is a hybrid POS system? What is a hybrid POS system?
A: DELIOUS POS adopted hybrid solution. Hybrid POS system is POS system able to fully function in both online and offline environment. It is different with “Offline mode” in cloud based POS. Hybrid system can fully function in offline environment, both front and back office operation, and able to do back office operation remotely once it connected to internet. For example, a restaurant using cloud based POS with offline mode, when internet is down, the restaurant can only do transaction within registration mode, other functions in back office operation like price changing, managing discount, promotion and so on will be stuck. Some even unable login to system again after accidentally log out system in offline mode. With DELIOUS POS hybrid system, same situation, when internet goes down, DELIOUS POS still can do everything including back office operation on site, the only thing affected is temporarily unable remotely access and manage the store operation, but at least, restaurant manager still able to access and manage back office features on site to ensure smooth store operation before the internet is recovered. This innovative hybrid solution adopted legacy POS system's reliability and stability yet enjoying the advantages of cloud based POS.
Q: DELIOUS POS is developed by which company?
A: DIGI DELIOUS POS is developed by Teraoka Seiko Co. Ltd, a Japanese company established since 1934 with global presence. The company’s products are using brand name TERAOKA in Japan and DIGI in global market. DIGI is always been a leading company with retail solutions in the area of IT system, checkout/POS, weighing and packaging. DIGI sales and service network covers about 150 countries across the world. 
Q: How to get a quote of DELIOUS POS?
A: Price is vary depends on the solutions requirement. In order to get a proper quote, please contact 010-9270988 (WhatsApp is available) to arrange for a free demo session. We can quote you the best price once we understand your POS requirements through demo session.
Q: How is the cost and charges of DELIOUS POS?
A: For those choosing DELIOUS POS, you pay only the cost of any hardwares required, due to softwares are preloaded, there is no software licensing and installation charges. DELIOUS POS is hybrid system, can be works on both offline and online operation, therefore yearly cloud subscription fee is optional, you pay and subscribe only when it is required.
Q: How is the after sales service?
A: Every hardware sold are coming with certain period of warranty, and we provide free unlimited phone calls and emails support for both softwares and hardwares issue without any maintenance contract. The cost of service is only occurred for hardware parts replacement after warranty period, on site service per trip, additional software editing, additional user training required and any additional job required which is not related to products faulty.