Cznewton CWT Series

Weighing Scale

This kind of Electronic weighing scale is industry scale with laboratory accuracy. Data can be read clearly via dual LCD display with LED backlight. Long lasting power can be used up to 200 hours. It will be enter automatic standby mode if no operation in 10 seconds.


  • Unit conversion: kg and lb
  • Straight weighing function
  • Check weighing HI-OK-LO function
  • Accumulation memory
  • Digital noise filter
  • Programmable capacity and division
  • Low battery indicator
  • Charging status indicator
  • Built-in RS232 interface
  • Built-in 6V/4Ah rechargeable battery
  • Power supply: AC/DC charge
Capacity   3kg 6kg  15kg  30kg
Division   0.1g  0.2g  0.5g 1g
RS232 Yes (Optional)
Printer Yes (Optional)
Tower Light Yes (Optional)